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Are There Any E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS?

e cigarette health

Are There Any E Cigarette HEALTH THREATS?

Nowadays, the term e cigarette has turned into a part of our vocabulary. What is an e cigarette? E Cigarette is a modern version of the cigar, pipes and tobacco, which use a heating element to make a controlled stream of vapor that can be smoked like a cigarette. It is just a new entrant in neuro-scientific smoking and the health risks associated with it are many. Many countries have banned its sale but there are a few states where it is still allowed to sell e cigarettes under certain schemes.

E Cigarettes are really harmful because like all the smoking products it contains nicotine, a highly addictive substance that can damage your body and brain forever. It is extremely dangerous not only for the life but for those around you that are also subjected to your every move. The worst thing about nicotine is that it generally does not give you any withdrawal symptoms when you quit and you may continue to smoke months after you quit. This means that thousands if not thousands of people around the world suffer from this horrible disease each year.

But even worse than the health risks is the social stigma attached to smoking. Smoking is socially acceptable, whereas individuals who don’t smoke are seen as backward, deprived, smokers who’ve weak characters. It isn’t easy being a smoker as you will always be the butt of jokes. You’ll constantly be a target for jokes and you will find it hard to satisfy your wife or girlfriend during intercourse. If you smoke you won’t ever get your job or get a date. It is therefore important to stop smoking for a cigarette health reasons.

So, so what can you do to quit smoking? There are many possibilities depending on how serious your trouble is. The most popular ways to stop smoking is by using an electronic nicotine delivery device. They are much better than the normal nicotine patches and nicotine gum because they do not cause any unwanted effects, they don’t make you dependent on them and you can continue back to them as long as you want. They are also reasonable priced and you can choose from a range of different brands and models.

There are also other, non-medical methods of quitting smoking. Hypnotism and subliminal technology can be used by some people to greatly help them give up smoking. There are also herbal treatments and diet control programs that have been proven to help smokers beat their habit. In the end, e cigarette health risk will come down to a personal decision. You can control your urge to smoke with hypnosis or by checking out a few diet programs. The choice is yours.

One method to beat your urges and stay away from these cigarette health risk would be to make an effort to exercise or yoga. Exercise releases endorphins, the same substances that make you are feeling good when you exercise in true to life. Yoga or meditation will help you relax and release those same chemicals into the body. It will also make one feel more energized that may counteract the nicotine withdrawal.

Another solution to beat these cigarette health threats is to watch your daily diet. Avoid food and drinks which are saturated in sugar, salt or fats. Have a healthy diet plan and boost your water intake. Eat more fruit and veggies. Scale back on red meats and vapinger.com other unhealthy foods.

Finally, if you really want to avoid the risks of e cigarette health, then just adhere to one tobacco product. Should you be just a daily smoker, then don’t even consider changing. But if you are a chronic smoker who cannot seem to stop smoking no matter what you do, then it is time and energy to consider quitting. The longer you continue to smoke, the more you will damage the body and face serious consequences such as cancer and heart disease. Choose one tobacco product and stay with it. Your health will thank you for this.

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